In the poor villages, people drink water from lakes, canals, and wells. They are getting sick with various waterborne diseases. During our visits to the villages, we received so many requests from the people, to help them with bore wells. Through our ministry, we have provided 50 bore wells in 50 villages surrounding our home town of Machilipatnam. People are giving us great testimonies on their improved health and standard of living, due to the provision of clean drinking water.

There are still more than 70 villages surrounding our town of Machilipatnam that are looking to God to help them get their own bore well for clean drinking water. Each bore well would cost around $200 X 70 bore wells = $14,000. Please consider helping with the bore well project, and provide significant relief to the poor people of rural India.

With your support, we can provide you status updates on the project, with photos and progress reports. When we complete this project, we will send you testimonies from the people who will benefit from this. We are working hard to bring improved health and a better standard of living to these destitute villagers.