In a village called Arthamuru, there was a big fire, and nearly 70 thatched houses were burned. These villagers were out working as day-laborers, and they were not at home, except some very aged people. Everything was burned to ashes: their clothes, utilities, money, and food. We went to see the village after 1 week and the village was in mourning, with no food to eat, no clothes to change, and no place to put their things. When I went to this village, my heart was filled with a burden to help them. We have ordered 70 steel boxes, to keep their things, and we have distributed rice, cooking oil, and curried dhall for 70 families. My heart went back to these victims, and again we visited this village, and have distributed 70 blankets for these families. When our distribution was completed, the village president came to us, and asked us to help the students with a school and books. Once again, we have taken account of village students, who are not going to school, because of their shabby clothing, and we have distributed books to them. Now all these students are going back to school with happy faces. We are living in the low line area of the Krishna river and just 10km from the Bey of Bengal. Every year we get flooded, and our crops are getting badly damaged with cyclones.