On 7th June 2012, we conducted our monthly Pastors meeting at Madaka village. We opened with prayer, and then shared the Gospel- about how God used Apostle Paul to fulfill His desire.

After the prayer, Pastor Yohan give his testimony, telling how God healed him, and gave him a fast recovery from his hand fracture. He thanked our ministry for helping to pay for his operation. He is thanking the Lord for saving him from a major accident.

We have arranged the schedule to work in the month of June 2012 to make house visits in Madaka village. At the close of the meeting, we prayed to God for all the ongoing projects among the poor people through our ministry. We have given monthly support to each pastor, and to the sewing center teachers.

Our pastors are working with dedication for the poor and needy people in the rural villages called: Enda Kuduru, Jeelagala Gandi, Current Colony, SN Golla Palem, Golivani Palem, Raju peta, Temple Colony, Chilakalapudi, Kummari Palem, Balaram Peta. They are very helpful, and participate in distributing used clothes, bringing awareness of HIV and AIDS to the public, and encouraging the children to go to school for the sake of their future. When natural calamities have caused damages, they help us to distribute drinking water, rice, cooking oil, and curried dhall. When there are heavy floods, we sometimes moves the low lying village people to a safe location with boats. They not only preach, but they help the people when there is need. 

We will continue to hold meetings with our pastors, may God bless us to do his wonderful work!