We have started 5 sewing centers in the villages called Madaka, Temple Colony, Jeelagala gandi, Kummari Gudem, SN Golla Palem villages. Through these services, we are able to give training to the young girls, who are illiterate, and have been turning aside to criminal deeds. Here in our country, if a mother gives birth to a female child, the mother and father, and their relatives, will not be happy, because, it is difficult to raise a female child. They neglect to provide education. They feel that, since the female child will become a part of the extended family of her husband after getting married, it is not worthwhile to invest in her upbringing. Besides this, they have to save a significant sum of money to give dowry to the bridegroom. If the girl does not have an education, no boy will come forward to ask for her hand in marriage, considering that she is not useful to earn money.

Here, through our sewing center project, we are helping to provide a new life for the teenage girls. We are paying salaries to the teacher, and we are selecting 15 girls per class, as the course will last 6 months. They will learn how to stitch, make shirts, shorts, pants/trousers, blouses, T-shirts, jackets, sarie pall, baby dresses, lungee, etc..., After finishing the course, we will give them a certificate of graduation in sewing, and depending on the needs of the students, we will supply them with a sewing machines for their business. We are seeing great results through this project, which helps to alleviate their povery.